monthly contact lens

Monthly Contact Lens

The Exclusive Lenzique Optical subscription service gets you the lenses you want fast, without any hassle. You’ll receive a full year of monthly contact lens packages, including all of the essential items needed to keep your eyes healthy and looking great. See clearly with Lenzique.

You can keep your eyes healthy with Lenzique Monthly Contact Lens. This lens is conveniently dosed to ensure you can wear it through the month before changing it out. Its patented technology provides all-day moisture and maximum comfort, especially for those with dry eyes.

Our monthly contact lenses can be worn all day, every day for up to 30 days and nights–then throw them out! Now you’ll have the freedom to wear without the bother of cleaning and storing.

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Vision care is more than a pair of prescription eyeglasses.  It’s about your eye health, wellness and happiness.  After performing a thorough eye exam our Optometrist will recommend quality eyecare products to help maintain your eyes with proper care.


Below are the following eye care products we carry:

  • Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress
  • Blephaclean Lid Wipes
  • Blephagel
  • Thealoz Duo
  • Systane Complete
  • Systane Ultra


For first time contact lens wearers, we offer contact lens fitting where we help them decide which replacement schedule and brand would best suit their vision needs.

To set up a contact lens fitting either fill out the form and we will contact you back or call us and schedule an appointment!

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At Lenzique Optical we offer several options of contact lenses suited to best fit your vision needs.

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Lenzique Optical offers a variety of contact lens styles, including monthly contacts, daily lenses, and multifocal contacts. Their special silicone hydrogel keeps your eyes moist all day long, and their unique design ensures comfort while wearing them all day. Plus, with so many different options to choose from Lenzique makes it easy for you to find exactly what you need!

we offer the highest quality contact lenses in the industry. Their monthly contact lenses have a special silicone hydrogel for keeping your eyes moist, and the lenses are designed to be comfortable even if you wear them all day. These contact lenses come in a variety of colors and tints, so you can choose a color that’s perfect for you! we also offer daily contact lenses and multifocal contacts. With such a wide selection of styles and options, it’s no wonder that Lenzique is one of the most popular shops of contact lens in the world!